Sunday, July 17, 2011


Today's 30 Day Blogging Challenge prompt: How hot is it where you live?

I've lived south of the Mason-Dixon line all my life.  I grew up in South Carolina, lived a while in Georgia, but have spent the last 23 years in Florida.  I'm used to the heat.

My husband grew up just outside of New York City.  When he was 18 the US Air Force stationed him at Homestead AFB.  He hasn't lived in a cold climate since.  He hates to be cold.  He's more than used to the heat.

Of course, there are some things we don't get.  I, for one, miss watching the leaves change color in the fall.  We get about a day or so of fall here.  The leaves of our deciduous trees are more like the Whomping Willow in the Harry Potter series.  One day our leaves just wake up, decide it's time, and seem to shed all their leaves in a single day.  We don't get to ride along on the highway and see the magnificent colors gracing the trees.

Living in Central Florida, we get something different.  I've been here almost two years now and it still amazes me to look out over the undeveloped stretches of my drive home.  We have an almost equal mix of deciduous trees and palm trees.  Looking out over our landscape there's no doubt we're in a climate change zone.

Yes, it's hot here.  In August it can be almost unbearable.  Given Florida weather it's no surprise to me that air conditioning was invented in Appalachicola, FL.  That's usually when my friends in Canada and the northeastern US pay me back for the evil phone calls I make in February and March when our weather is so nice.

I probably deserve catching that heat.

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