Monday, July 18, 2011


Today's 30 Day Blog Challenge prompt: Write about how you've experienced the randomness of life. It could be any (or all) of the following:  A random act or experience, A random encounter/meeting with a friend of a friend of a friend (like the Six Degrees of Separation theory), Synchronicity that you've witnessed

Yesterday I was at the mall with my best buddy and a couple of her friends.  We had a great time and got along great. I don't remember how the subject came up but someone mentioned an interesting way of referring to pregnancy.  It had something to do with a song, I believe. Anyway, my response was the fun line from the B-52's song "tin roof! rusted."  Within about 10 seconds we turned the corner and the ambient music changed.  Now the song playing in the background was "Love Shack" which is, of course, where the tin roof quotation comes from.

Too weird!

I don't believe in coincidences.  When things like this happen, I always wonder what it is that God or the Universe or whatever is trying to tell me. 

Oh dear God, don't let me come up pregnant.  That would be bad on so many levels, but especially now that I've had a taste of the freedom to be found when the kids are raised and gone.  Don't get me wrong... I love my babies.  But I do love having my life back again too.

Tin roof?  I don't have one.  My son's girlfriend's parents do, though.  Maybe I should give them a call?  Nah, I don't know them that well.  And my kid would kill me after her parents decide she can't go out with someone who has so whacked a mother which, of course, would be the only reasonable decision they could make.

Maybe I'm being too literal.  Maybe it's a good thing.  Maybe the time spent with my friend's friends yesterday was the start of a a new relationship with a couple of wonderful people. 

That'd be cool.

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