Saturday, July 16, 2011

Mysterious Style

Today's 30 Day Blogging Challenge prompt: In terms of your artistic/writing craft, comment on the following idea:  "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious". ~~Einstein and  "What shakes the eye but the invisible?"~~ Theodore Roethke

My husband and I have decided it's probably best if I don't ask him to read my work.  It's not that he thinks it's bad.  It's just not his style. He's not into the flowing, emotional style that appeals to me so much.  So it's best he not read my stuff.

Of course, I'm not into reading the types of novels he likes either.  His favored style is a straightforward telling of the story with just enough detail to let the reader know what's going on.  Logical plotlines and suspense are what he favors.

Not me.  Emotions drive my writing and play a huge part in what I like to read too.  Sometimes there doesn't even need to be a plot.  It's the invisible emotion that shakes my eye and heart.  It's the mystery of trying to understand and explore something that is in no way based on logic that makes a piece beautiful to me.

Which of us is right?  Both, of course.  That's the beauty of our relationship - the fact that we complement each other so well.  That's part of why I love him so.  And that's part of why he shows up in my stories so often.  No matter what the male lead looks like or the fact that some of his personality traits are different from my husband's, it's still him I'm usually writing about.

It's one of the ways I express the love I feel for him - that love that's still so deep and mysterious after all these years that it still shakes me to the core.

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