Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Life's a Beach

Today's 30 Day Blogging Challenge Prompt: It's hotter than Hades in August and you're at the beach. You run out into the ocean waves, jump to get over that big one, and on the way back down, something bumps against your leg. What would you do? Would you dive under the water to see what it was? Would you yell for help? Would you swim toward shore in the same direction as the bump? Or something else?

I don't like the beach.

Okay, so it's not so much the beach itself I don't like.  It's really the ocean.  There's all kinds of creepy crawlies out there just waiting to get ahold of a tasty morsel like me.  Sharks and jellyfish top the list but there's tons of others.  If I were at the beach, in the water (unlikely event to begin with) and something brushed my leg, I would freak out, scream, holler and get out of the water as fast as I could.  

I much prefer to do my swimming in the carefully controlled environment of a swimming pool.  Pools have chlorinated,clean water and, what's more important, I can see all the way to the bottom and be sure there's nothing in there but the other humans splashing around.

Unfortunately, life is much more a beach than a swimming pool.  Here I am happily floating along when something comes along to give me a bump.  And just like at the beach, I scream and holler and try to get away from whatever it is as quickly as possible.  In life this means fixing whatever the problem is wherever possible, sometimes learning to live with it and sometimes ignoring it, hoping it'll go away.

Yeah, I make just as much sense handling the bumps of life as I do bumps in the ocean.

Unfortunately, in life I can't really get out of the water. I just have to float along and hope not too much bumps into me.  Or at least that I don't get bumped too often.  

What was that thing that just brushed my leg?

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