Monday, July 18, 2011

Recipe for a Happy Home

I like the One Minute Writer site because they give you a prompt that can be written about in a single minute or less.  I tried one today and found it a bit more challenging than I thought it would be (hard to gather thoughts in a minute or less).  But this is one that really touched my heart.

The prompt was: In my old family cookbook, there is a recipe for "A HAPPY HOME" that includes ingredients such as "4 cups love" and "2 cups loyalty," blended "with tenderness."  Write your own "recipe."

My response: The husband and wife can be any spices that go well together.  They have to complement each other, not be too similar.  Then add in the ingredients that are your children.  Cheesy, spicy, meaty, starchy, it doesn't matter.  All combinations can work.  You just have to remember to stir them up with lots and lots of love.

Copyright © 2011 Denise Duggan

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